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Edit Class Reference

#include <edit.h>

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Definition at line 42 of file edit.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddRefDocument (void *docPointer)
void AddStyledText (const wxMemoryBuffer &data)
void AddText (const wxString &text)
void AppendText (int length, const wxString &text)
bool AutoCompActive ()
void AutoCompCancel ()
void AutoCompComplete ()
bool AutoCompGetAutoHide ()
bool AutoCompGetCancelAtStart ()
bool AutoCompGetChooseSingle ()
bool AutoCompGetDropRestOfWord ()
bool AutoCompGetIgnoreCase ()
int AutoCompGetSeparator ()
int AutoCompGetTypeSeparator ()
int AutoCompPosStart ()
void AutoCompSelect (const wxString &text)
void AutoCompSetAutoHide (bool autoHide)
void AutoCompSetCancelAtStart (bool cancel)
void AutoCompSetChooseSingle (bool chooseSingle)
void AutoCompSetDropRestOfWord (bool dropRestOfWord)
void AutoCompSetFillUps (const wxString &characterSet)
void AutoCompSetIgnoreCase (bool ignoreCase)
void AutoCompSetSeparator (int separatorCharacter)
void AutoCompSetTypeSeparator (int separatorCharacter)
void AutoCompShow (int lenEntered, const wxString &itemList)
void AutoCompStops (const wxString &characterSet)
void BeginUndoAction ()
void BraceBadLight (int pos)
void BraceHighlight (int pos1, int pos2)
int BraceMatch (int pos)
bool CallTipActive ()
void CallTipCancel ()
int CallTipPosAtStart ()
void CallTipSetBackground (const wxColour &back)
void CallTipSetForeground (const wxColour &fore)
void CallTipSetForegroundHighlight (const wxColour &fore)
void CallTipSetHighlight (int start, int end)
void CallTipShow (int pos, const wxString &definition)
bool CanPaste ()
bool CanRedo ()
bool CanUndo ()
void ChooseCaretX ()
void Clear ()
void ClearAll ()
void ClearDocumentStyle ()
void ClearRegisteredImages ()
void CmdKeyAssign (int key, int modifiers, int cmd)
void CmdKeyClear (int key, int modifiers)
void CmdKeyClearAll ()
void CmdKeyExecute (int cmd)
void Colourise (int start, int end)
virtual void Command (wxCommandEvent &event)
void ConvertEOLs (int eolMode)
void Copy ()
void CopyRange (int start, int end)
void CopyText (int length, const wxString &text)
bool Create (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=0, const wxValidator &validator=wxDefaultValidator, const wxString &name=wxControlNameStr)
bool Create (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=0, const wxValidator &validator=wxDefaultValidator, const wxString &name=wxControlNameStr)
void * CreateDocument ()
void Cut ()
void DelLineLeft ()
void DelLineRight ()
wxString DeterminePrefs (const wxString &filename)
int DocLineFromVisible (int lineDisplay)
 Edit (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=-1, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxSUNKEN_BORDER|wxVSCROLL)
void EmptyUndoBuffer ()
void EndUndoAction ()
void EnsureCaretVisible ()
void EnsureVisible (int line)
void EnsureVisibleEnforcePolicy (int line)
int FindText (int minPos, int maxPos, const wxString &text, int flags=0)
int FormatRange (bool doDraw, int startPos, int endPos, wxDC *draw, wxDC *target, wxRect renderRect, wxRect pageRect)
int GetAnchor ()
bool GetBackSpaceUnIndents ()
bool GetBufferedDraw ()
wxColour GetCaretForeground ()
wxColour GetCaretLineBack ()
bool GetCaretLineVisible ()
int GetCaretPeriod ()
int GetCaretWidth ()
int GetCharAt (int pos)
int GetCodePage ()
int GetColumn (int pos)
int GetControlCharSymbol ()
wxString GetCurLine (int *linePos=NULL)
int GetCurrentLine ()
int GetCurrentPos ()
void * GetDocPointer ()
wxColour GetEdgeColour ()
int GetEdgeColumn ()
int GetEdgeMode ()
int GetEndAtLastLine ()
int GetEndStyled ()
int GetEOLMode ()
wxString GetFilename ()
int GetFirstVisibleLine ()
bool GetFoldExpanded (int line)
int GetFoldLevel (int line)
int GetFoldParent (int line)
int GetHighlightGuide ()
int GetIndent ()
bool GetIndentationGuides ()
virtual wxString GetLabel () const
LanguageInfo const * GetLanguageInfo ()
int GetLastChild (int line, int level)
bool GetLastKeydownProcessed ()
int GetLayoutCache ()
int GetLength ()
int GetLexer ()
wxString GetLine (int line)
int GetLineCount ()
int GetLineEndPosition (int line)
int GetLineIndentation (int line)
int GetLineIndentPosition (int line)
int GetLineState (int line)
bool GetLineVisible (int line)
int GetMarginLeft ()
int GetMarginMask (int margin)
int GetMarginRight ()
bool GetMarginSensitive (int margin)
int GetMarginType (int margin)
int GetMarginWidth (int margin)
int GetMaxLineState ()
int GetModEventMask ()
bool GetModify ()
bool GetMouseDownCaptures ()
int GetMouseDwellTime ()
bool GetOvertype ()
int GetPrintColourMode ()
int GetPrintMagnification ()
int GetPrintWrapMode ()
bool GetReadOnly ()
int GetScrollWidth ()
int GetSearchFlags ()
wxString GetSelectedText ()
void GetSelection (int *startPos, int *endPos)
int GetSelectionEnd ()
int GetSelectionStart ()
int GetStatus ()
int GetSTCCursor ()
bool GetSTCFocus ()
int GetStyleAt (int pos)
int GetStyleBits ()
wxMemoryBuffer GetStyledText (int startPos, int endPos)
wxArrayLong GetSubcontrols ()
bool GetTabIndents ()
int GetTabWidth ()
int GetTargetEnd ()
int GetTargetStart ()
wxString GetText ()
int GetTextLength ()
wxString GetTextRange (int startPos, int endPos)
bool GetTwoPhaseDraw ()
bool GetUndoCollection ()
bool GetUseHorizontalScrollBar ()
bool GetUseTabs ()
bool GetUseVerticalScrollBar ()
bool GetViewEOL ()
int GetViewWhiteSpace ()
int GetWrapMode ()
int GetXOffset ()
int GetZoom ()
void GotoLine (int line)
void GotoPos (int pos)
void HideLines (int lineStart, int lineEnd)
void HideSelection (bool normal)
void HomeDisplay ()
void HomeDisplayExtend ()
wxColour IndicatorGetForeground (int indic)
int IndicatorGetStyle (int indic)
void IndicatorSetForeground (int indic, const wxColour &fore)
void IndicatorSetStyle (int indic, int style)
bool InitializePrefs (const wxString &filename)
void InsertText (int pos, const wxString &text)
void LineCopy ()
void LineDuplicate ()
void LineEndDisplay ()
void LineEndDisplayExtend ()
int LineFromPosition (int pos)
int LineLength (int line)
void LineScroll (int columns, int lines)
void LinesJoin ()
int LinesOnScreen ()
void LinesSplit (int pixelWidth)
bool LoadFile (const wxString &filename)
bool LoadFile ()
 load/save file
int MarkerAdd (int line, int markerNumber)
void MarkerDefine (int markerNumber, int markerSymbol, const wxColour &foreground=wxNullColour, const wxColour &background=wxNullColour)
void MarkerDefineBitmap (int markerNumber, const wxBitmap &bmp)
void MarkerDelete (int line, int markerNumber)
void MarkerDeleteAll (int markerNumber)
void MarkerDeleteHandle (int handle)
int MarkerGet (int line)
int MarkerLineFromHandle (int handle)
int MarkerNext (int lineStart, int markerMask)
int MarkerPrevious (int lineStart, int markerMask)
void MarkerSetBackground (int markerNumber, const wxColour &back)
void MarkerSetForeground (int markerNumber, const wxColour &fore)
bool Modified ()
void MoveCaretInsideView ()
void OnBraceMatch (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnChangeCase (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnCharAdded (wxStyledTextEvent &event)
void OnConvertEOL (wxCommandEvent &event)
virtual WXHBRUSH OnCtlColor (WXHDC pDC, WXHWND pWnd, WXUINT nCtlColor, WXUINT message, WXWPARAM wParam, WXLPARAM lParam)
void OnDisplayEOL (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditClear (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditCopy (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditCut (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditIndentInc (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditIndentRed (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditPaste (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditRedo (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditSelectAll (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditSelectLine (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditUndo (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnFind (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnFindNext (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnFoldToggle (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnGoto (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnHilightLang (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnIndentGuide (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnLineNumber (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnLongLineOn (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnMarginClick (wxStyledTextEvent &event)
void OnReplace (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnReplaceNext (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSetOverType (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSetReadOnly (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSize (wxSizeEvent &event)
void OnUseCharset (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnWhiteSpace (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnWrapmodeOn (wxCommandEvent &event)
void Paste ()
wxPoint PointFromPosition (int pos)
int PositionAfter (int pos)
int PositionBefore (int pos)
int PositionFromLine (int line)
int PositionFromPoint (wxPoint pt)
int PositionFromPointClose (int x, int y)
bool ProcessCommand (wxCommandEvent &event)
void Redo ()
void RegisterImage (int type, const wxBitmap &bmp)
void ReleaseDocument (void *docPointer)
void ReplaceSelection (const wxString &text)
int ReplaceTarget (const wxString &text)
int ReplaceTargetRE (const wxString &text)
bool SaveFile (const wxString &filename)
bool SaveFile ()
void ScrollToColumn (int column)
void ScrollToLine (int line)
void SearchAnchor ()
int SearchInTarget (const wxString &text)
int SearchNext (int flags, const wxString &text)
int SearchPrev (int flags, const wxString &text)
void SelectAll ()
bool SelectionIsRectangle ()
long SendMsg (int msg, long wp=0, long lp=0)
void SetAnchor (int posAnchor)
void SetBackSpaceUnIndents (bool bsUnIndents)
void SetBufferedDraw (bool buffered)
void SetCaretForeground (const wxColour &fore)
void SetCaretLineBack (const wxColour &back)
void SetCaretLineVisible (bool show)
void SetCaretPeriod (int periodMilliseconds)
void SetCaretWidth (int pixelWidth)
void SetCodePage (int codePage)
void SetControlCharSymbol (int symbol)
void SetCurrentPos (int pos)
void SetDocPointer (void *docPointer)
void SetEdgeColour (const wxColour &edgeColour)
void SetEdgeColumn (int column)
void SetEdgeMode (int mode)
void SetEndAtLastLine (bool endAtLastLine)
void SetEOLMode (int eolMode)
void SetFilename (const wxString &filename)
void SetFoldExpanded (int line, bool expanded)
void SetFoldFlags (int flags)
void SetFoldLevel (int line, int level)
void SetFoldMarginColour (bool useSetting, const wxColour &back)
void SetFoldMarginHiColour (bool useSetting, const wxColour &fore)
void SetHighlightGuide (int column)
void SetHotspotActiveBackground (bool useSetting, const wxColour &back)
void SetHotspotActiveForeground (bool useSetting, const wxColour &fore)
void SetHotspotActiveUnderline (bool underline)
void SetHScrollBar (wxScrollBar *bar)
void SetIndent (int indentSize)
void SetIndentationGuides (bool show)
void SetKeyWords (int keywordSet, const wxString &keyWords)
virtual void SetLabel (const wxString &label)
void SetLastKeydownProcessed (bool val)
void SetLayoutCache (int mode)
void SetLexer (int lexer)
void SetLexerLanguage (const wxString &language)
void SetLineIndentation (int line, int indentSize)
void SetLineState (int line, int state)
void SetMarginLeft (int pixelWidth)
void SetMarginMask (int margin, int mask)
void SetMarginRight (int pixelWidth)
void SetMargins (int left, int right)
void SetMarginSensitive (int margin, bool sensitive)
void SetMarginType (int margin, int marginType)
void SetMarginWidth (int margin, int pixelWidth)
void SetModEventMask (int mask)
void SetMouseDownCaptures (bool captures)
void SetMouseDwellTime (int periodMilliseconds)
void SetOvertype (bool overtype)
void SetPrintColourMode (int mode)
void SetPrintMagnification (int magnification)
void SetPrintWrapMode (int mode)
void SetProperty (const wxString &key, const wxString &value)
void SetReadOnly (bool readOnly)
void SetSavePoint ()
void SetScrollWidth (int pixelWidth)
void SetSearchFlags (int flags)
void SetSelBackground (bool useSetting, const wxColour &back)
void SetSelection (int start, int end)
void SetSelectionEnd (int pos)
void SetSelectionStart (int pos)
void SetSelForeground (bool useSetting, const wxColour &fore)
void SetStatus (int statusCode)
void SetSTCCursor (int cursorType)
void SetSTCFocus (bool focus)
void SetStyleBits (int bits)
void SetStyleBytes (int length, char *styleBytes)
void SetStyling (int length, int style)
void SetTabIndents (bool tabIndents)
void SetTabWidth (int tabWidth)
void SetTargetEnd (int pos)
void SetTargetStart (int pos)
void SetText (const wxString &text)
void SetTwoPhaseDraw (bool twoPhase)
void SetUndoCollection (bool collectUndo)
void SetUseHorizontalScrollBar (bool show)
void SetUseTabs (bool useTabs)
void SetUseVerticalScrollBar (bool show)
void SetViewEOL (bool visible)
void SetViewWhiteSpace (int viewWS)
void SetVisiblePolicy (int visiblePolicy, int visibleSlop)
void SetVScrollBar (wxScrollBar *bar)
void SetWhitespaceBackground (bool useSetting, const wxColour &back)
void SetWhitespaceForeground (bool useSetting, const wxColour &fore)
void SetWordChars (const wxString &characters)
void SetWrapMode (int mode)
void SetXCaretPolicy (int caretPolicy, int caretSlop)
void SetXOffset (int newOffset)
void SetYCaretPolicy (int caretPolicy, int caretSlop)
void SetZoom (int zoom)
void ShowLines (int lineStart, int lineEnd)
void StartRecord ()
void StartStyling (int pos, int mask)
void StopRecord ()
void StyleClearAll ()
void StyleResetDefault ()
void StyleSetBackground (int style, const wxColour &back)
void StyleSetBold (int style, bool bold)
void StyleSetCase (int style, int caseForce)
void StyleSetChangeable (int style, bool changeable)
void StyleSetCharacterSet (int style, int characterSet)
void StyleSetEOLFilled (int style, bool filled)
void StyleSetFaceName (int style, const wxString &fontName)
void StyleSetFont (int styleNum, wxFont &font)
void StyleSetFontAttr (int styleNum, int size, const wxString &faceName, bool bold, bool italic, bool underline)
void StyleSetForeground (int style, const wxColour &fore)
void StyleSetHotSpot (int style, bool hotspot)
void StyleSetItalic (int style, bool italic)
void StyleSetSize (int style, int sizePoints)
void StyleSetSpec (int styleNum, const wxString &spec)
void StyleSetUnderline (int style, bool underline)
void StyleSetVisible (int style, bool visible)
void TargetFromSelection ()
int TextHeight (int line)
int TextWidth (int style, const wxString &text)
void ToggleFold (int line)
void Undo ()
void UsePopUp (bool allowPopUp)
void UserListShow (int listType, const wxString &itemList)
bool UserSettings (const wxString &filename)
int VisibleFromDocLine (int line)
int WordEndPosition (int pos, bool onlyWordCharacters)
void WordPartLeft ()
void WordPartLeftExtend ()
void WordPartRight ()
void WordPartRightExtend ()
int WordStartPosition (int pos, bool onlyWordCharacters)
 ~Edit ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual wxSize DoGetBestSize () const
virtual wxSize DoGetBestSize () const
bool MSWCreateControl (const wxChar *classname, WXDWORD style, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, const wxString &label=wxEmptyString, WXDWORD exstyle=(WXDWORD)-1)
bool MSWCreateControl (const wxChar *classname, const wxString &label, const wxPoint &pos, const wxSize &size, long style)
virtual WXDWORD MSWGetStyle (long style, WXDWORD *exstyle) const

Protected Attributes

char m_chAccel
wxScrollBar * m_hScrollBar
wxString m_label
bool m_lastKeyDownConsumed
wxStopWatch m_stopWatch
wxArrayLong m_subControls
ScintillaWX * m_swx
wxScrollBar * m_vScrollBar

Private Attributes

int m_DividerID
wxString m_filename
int m_FoldingID
int m_FoldingMargin
LanguageInfo const * m_language
int m_LineNrID
int m_LineNrMargin


class EditPrint
class EditProperties
class Platform
class ScintillaWX

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