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LexerModule Class Reference

#include <KeyWords.h>

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Detailed Description

A LexerModule is responsible for lexing and folding a particular language. The class maintains a list of LexerModules which can be searched to find a module appropriate to a particular language.

Definition at line 16 of file KeyWords.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Fold (unsigned int startPos, int lengthDoc, int initStyle, WordList *keywordlists[], Accessor &styler) const
int GetLanguage () const
int GetNumWordLists () const
const char * GetWordListDescription (int index) const
virtual void Lex (unsigned int startPos, int lengthDoc, int initStyle, WordList *keywordlists[], Accessor &styler) const
 LexerModule (int language_, LexerFunction fnLexer_, const char *languageName_=0, LexerFunction fnFolder_=0, const char *const wordListDescriptions_[]=NULL)

Static Public Member Functions

static const LexerModuleFind (const char *languageName)
static const LexerModuleFind (int language)

Public Attributes

const char * languageName

Protected Attributes

LexerFunction fnFolder
LexerFunction fnLexer
int language
const LexerModulenext
const char *const * wordListDescriptions

Static Protected Attributes

static const LexerModulebase = 0
static int nextLanguage = SCLEX_AUTOMATIC+1

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