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lib::intctrl::wxIntValidator Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for lib::intctrl::wxIntValidator:

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Validator class used with wxIntCtrl; handles all validation of input
prior to changing the value of the underlying wxTextCtrl.

Definition at line 69 of file intctrl.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
void AddPendingEvent (wxEvent &event)
wxObject * Clone () const
def Clone
void Connect (int id, int eventType, wxObjectEventFunction func, wxObject *userData=(wxObject *) NULL)
void Connect (int id, int lastId, int eventType, wxObjectEventFunction func, wxObject *userData=(wxObject *) NULL)
bool Copy (const wxValidator &val)
 DEC_PYCALLBACK_BOOL_ (TransferFromWindow)
 DEC_PYCALLBACK_BOOL_ (TransferToWindow)
bool Disconnect (int id, wxEventType eventType=wxEVT_NULL, wxObjectEventFunction func=NULL, wxObject *userData=(wxObject *) NULL)
bool Disconnect (int id, int lastId, wxEventType eventType, wxObjectEventFunction func=NULL, wxObject *userData=(wxObject *) NULL)
void * GetClientData () const
wxClientData * GetClientObject () const
bool GetEvtHandlerEnabled () const
wxEvtHandler * GetNextHandler () const
wxEvtHandler * GetPreviousHandler () const
wxObjectRefData * GetRefData () const
wxWindow * GetWindow () const
bool IsKindOf (wxClassInfo *info) const
def OnChar
virtual bool ProcessEvent (wxEvent &event)
void ProcessPendingEvents ()
void Ref (const wxObject &clone)
bool SearchDynamicEventTable (wxEvent &event)
virtual bool SearchEventTable (wxEventTable &table, wxEvent &event)
void SetClientData (void *data)
void SetClientObject (wxClientData *data)
void SetEvtHandlerEnabled (bool enabled)
void SetNextHandler (wxEvtHandler *handler)
void SetPreviousHandler (wxEvtHandler *handler)
void SetRefData (wxObjectRefData *data)
void SetWindow (wxWindowBase *win)
virtual bool TransferFromWindow ()
virtual bool TransferToWindow ()
void UnRef ()
virtual bool Validate (wxWindow *WXUNUSED(parent))
def Validate

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsSilent ()
static void SetBellOnError (bool doIt=TRUE)

Public Attributes

int ALPHA_ONLY = 1
int DIGIT_ONLY = 2
string overview

Protected Member Functions

void AllocExclusive ()
virtual wxObjectRefData * CloneRefData (const wxObjectRefData *data) const
virtual wxObjectRefData * CreateRefData () const
virtual void * DoGetClientData () const
virtual wxClientData * DoGetClientObject () const
virtual void DoSetClientData (void *data)
virtual void DoSetClientObject (wxClientData *data)
virtual const wxEventTable * GetEventTable () const

Protected Attributes

union {
   void *   m_clientData
   wxClientData *   m_clientObject
wxClientDataType m_clientDataType
wxList * m_dynamicEvents
bool m_enabled
bool m_isWindow
wxEvtHandler * m_nextHandler
wxList * m_pendingEvents
wxEvtHandler * m_previousHandler
wxObjectRefData * m_refData
wxWindowBase * m_validatorWindow

Static Protected Attributes

static const wxEventTable sm_eventTable

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