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py::wxd::Drawing::PaintDC Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 451 of file Drawing.py.

Public Member Functions

def __del__
def __init__
def BeginDrawing
def Blit
def CalcBoundingBox
def CanDrawBitmap
def CanGetTextExtent
def Clear
def CrossHair
def DestroyClippingRegion
def DeviceToLogicalX
def DeviceToLogicalXRel
def DeviceToLogicalY
def DeviceToLogicalYRel
def DrawArc
def DrawBitmap
def DrawCircle
def DrawEllipse
def DrawEllipticArc
def DrawIcon
def DrawImageLabel
def DrawLabel
def DrawLine
def DrawLineList
def DrawLines
def DrawPoint
def DrawPointList
def DrawPolygon
def DrawRectangle
def DrawRectangleRect
def DrawRotatedText
def DrawRoundedRectangle
def DrawSpline
def DrawText
def EndDoc
def EndDrawing
def EndPage
def FloodFill
def GetBackground
def GetBoundingBox
def GetBrush
def GetCharHeight
def GetCharWidth
def GetClippingBox
def GetDepth
def GetDeviceOrigin
def GetFont
def GetFullTextExtent
def GetLogicalFunction
def GetLogicalOrigin
def GetLogicalScale
def GetMapMode
def GetMultiLineTextExtent
def GetOptimization
def GetPen
def GetPixel
def GetPPI
def GetSize
def GetSizeMM
def GetSizeTuple
def GetTextBackground
def GetTextExtent
def GetTextForeground
def GetUserScale
def LogicalToDeviceX
def LogicalToDeviceXRel
def LogicalToDeviceY
def LogicalToDeviceYRel
def MaxX
def MaxY
def MinX
def MinY
def Ok
def ResetBoundingBox
def SetAxisOrientation
def SetBackground
def SetBackgroundMode
def SetBrush
def SetClippingRect
def SetClippingRegion
def SetClippingRegionAsRegion
def SetDeviceOrigin
def SetFont
def SetLogicalFunction
def SetLogicalOrigin
def SetLogicalScale
def SetMapMode
def SetOptimization
def SetPalette
def SetPen
def SetTextBackground
def SetTextForeground
def SetUserScale
def StartDoc
def StartPage

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