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py::wxd::Functions Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Decorator classes for documentation and shell scripting.


def ArtProvider_GetBitmap
def ArtProvider_GetIcon
def ArtProvider_PopProvider
def ArtProvider_PushProvider
def ArtProvider_RemoveProvider
def BeginBusyCursor
def Bell
def BitmapFromBits
def BitmapFromIcon
def BitmapFromImage
def BitmapFromXPMData
def BufferedDCInternalBuffer
def Button_GetDefaultSize
def CallAfter
def Caret_GetBlinkTime
def Caret_SetBlinkTime
def ClientDisplayRect
def ColourDisplay
def ConfigBase_Create
def ConfigBase_DontCreateOnDemand
def ConfigBase_Get
def ConfigBase_Set
def CreateFileTipProvider
def CustomDataFormat
def DateSpan_Day
def DateSpan_Days
def DateSpan_Month
def DateSpan_Months
def DateSpan_Week
def DateSpan_Weeks
def DateSpan_Year
def DateSpan_Years
def DateTime_ConvertYearToBC
def DateTime_GetAmPmStrings
def DateTime_GetBeginDST
def DateTime_GetCentury
def DateTime_GetCountry
def DateTime_GetCurrentMonth
def DateTime_GetCurrentYear
def DateTime_GetEndDST
def DateTime_GetMonthName
def DateTime_GetNumberOfDaysInMonth
def DateTime_GetNumberOfDaysinYear
def DateTime_GetWeekDayName
def DateTime_IsDSTApplicable
def DateTime_IsLeapYear
def DateTime_IsWestEuropeanCountry
def DateTime_Now
def DateTime_SetCountry
def DateTime_Today
def DateTime_UNow
def DateTimeFromDMY
def DateTimeFromHMS
def DateTimeFromJDN
def DateTimeFromTimeT
def DirSelector
def DisplayDepth
def DisplaySize
def DisplaySizeMM
def DragIcon
def DragListItem
def DragString
def DragTreeItem
def EmptyBitmap
def EmptyIcon
def EmptyImage
def EnableTopLevelWindows
def EncodingConverter_GetAllEquivalents
def EncodingConverter_GetPlatformEquivalents
def EndBusyCursor
def Execute
def FileSelector
def FileSystem_AddHandler
def FileSystem_CleanUpHandlers
def FileType_ExpandCommand
def FileTypeInfoSequence
def FindWindowAtPoint
def FindWindowById
def FindWindowByLabel
def FindWindowByName
def Font_GetDefaultEncoding
def Font_SetDefaultEncoding
def FontFromNativeInfo
def FontMapper_Get
def FontMapper_GetDefaultConfigPath
def FontMapper_GetEncodingDescription
def FontMapper_GetEncodingName
def FontMapper_Set
def GenericFindWindowAtPoint
def GetAccelFromString
def GetActiveWindow
def GetApp
def GetClientDisplayRect
def GetCurrentId
def GetCurrentTime
def GetDisplayDepth
def GetDisplaySize
def GetDisplaySizeMM
def GetElapsedTime
def GetEmailAddress
def GetFullHostName
def GetHomeDir
def GetHostName
def GetLocale
def GetLocalTime
def GetLocalTimeMillis
def GetMousePosition
def GetNumberFromUser
def GetOsDescription
def GetOsVersion
def GetPasswordFromUser
def GetProcessId
def GetSingleChoice
def GetSingleChoiceIndex
def GetTextFromUser
def GetTopLevelParent
def GetTranslation
def GetUserHome
def GetUserId
def GetUserName
def GetUTCTime
def IconBundleFromFile
def IconBundleFromIcon
def IconFromBitmap
def IconFromXPMData
def Image_AddHandler
def Image_CanRead
def Image_CanReadStream
def Image_GetImageCount
def Image_InsertHandler
def Image_RemoveHandler
def ImageFromBitmap
def ImageFromData
def ImageFromMime
def ImageFromStream
def ImageFromStreamMime
def InitAllImageHandlers
def IntersectRect
def IsBusy
def IsDragResultOk
def LoadFileSelector
def Locale_AddCatalogLookupPathPrefix
def Locale_AddLanguage
def Locale_GetLanguageInfo
def Locale_GetSystemEncoding
def Locale_GetSystemEncodingName
def Locale_GetSystemLanguage
def Log_AddTraceMask
def Log_ClearTraceMasks
def Log_DontCreateOnDemand
def Log_EnableLogging
def Log_FlushActive
def Log_GetActiveTarget
def Log_GetLogLevel
def Log_GetTimestamp
def Log_GetTraceMask
def Log_GetTraceMasks
def Log_IsAllowedTraceMask
def Log_IsEnabled
def Log_OnLog
def Log_RemoveTraceMask
def Log_Resume
def Log_SetActiveTarget
def Log_SetLogLevel
def Log_SetTimestamp
def Log_SetTraceMask
def Log_SetVerbose
def Log_Suspend
def LogDebug
def LogError
def LogFatalError
def LogGeneric
def LogInfo
def LogMessage
def LogStatus
def LogStatusFrame
def LogSysError
def LogTrace
def LogTraceMask
def LogVerbose
def LogWarning
def MaskColour
def MemoryDCFromDC
def MemoryFSHandler_AddFile
def MemoryFSHandler_RemoveFile
def MenuItem_GetLabelFromText
def MessageBox
def MimeTypesManager_IsOfType
def MutexGuiEnter
def MutexGuiLeave
def NamedColour
def NewEventType
def NewId
def Now
def NullFileTypeInfo
def Point2DDoubleCopy
def Point2DDoubleFromPoint
def PostEvent
def PostScriptDC_GetResolution
def PostScriptDC_SetResolution
def PreBitmapButton
def PreButton
def PreCheckBox
def PreCheckListBox
def PreChoice
def PreComboBox
def PreControl
def PreDialog
def PreDirFilterListCtrl
def PreFindReplaceDialog
def PreFrame
def PreGauge
def PreGenericDirCtrl
def PreListBox
def PreListCtrl
def PreListView
def PreMDIChildFrame
def PreMDIClientWindow
def PreMDIParentFrame
def PreMiniFrame
def PreNotebook
def PrePanel
def PrePopupTransientWindow
def PrePopupWindow
def PreRadioBox
def PreRadioButton
def PreSashLayoutWindow
def PreSashWindow
def PreScrollBar
def PreScrolledWindow
def PreSingleInstanceChecker
def PreSlider
def PreSpinButton
def PreSpinCtrl
def PreSplitterWindow
def PreStaticBitmap
def PreStaticBox
def PreStaticLine
def PreStaticText
def PreStatusBar
def PreTextCtrl
def PreToggleButton
def PreToolBar
def PreToolBarSimple
def PreTopLevelWindow
def PreTreeCtrl
def PreWindow
def Process_Exists
def Process_Kill
def Process_Open
def Py_isinstance
def PyTypeCast
def RegionFromPoints
def RegisterId
def SafeShowMessage
def SafeYield
def SaveFileSelector
def SetCursor
def Shell
def ShowTip
def Shutdown
def Sleep
def StartTimer
def StockCursor
def StripMenuCodes
def SysErrorCode
def SysErrorMsg
def SystemSettings_GetColour
def SystemSettings_GetFont
def SystemSettings_GetMetric
def SystemSettings_GetScreenType
def SystemSettings_HasFeature
def SystemSettings_SetScreenType
def TextAttr_Combine
def Thread_IsMain
def TimeSpan_Day
def TimeSpan_Days
def TimeSpan_Hour
def TimeSpan_Hours
def TimeSpan_Minute
def TimeSpan_Minutes
def TimeSpan_Second
def TimeSpan_Seconds
def TimeSpan_Week
def TimeSpan_Weeks
def ToolTip_Enable
def ToolTip_SetDelay
def Usleep
def Validator_IsSilent
def Validator_SetBellOnError
def WakeUpIdle
def WaveData
def Window_FindFocus
def Window_GetCapture
def Window_NewControlId
def Window_NextControlId
def Window_PrevControlId
def Yield
def YieldIfNeeded


string __author__ = "Patrick K. O'Brien <pobrien@orbtech.com>"
string __cvsid__ = "$Id: Functions.py,v 2003/04/09 17:43:19 RD Exp $"
string __revision__ = "$Revision: $"
 RunLater = CallAfter
 def RunLater(callable, *args, **kw): """An alias for CallAfter.""" pass

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