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// Scintilla source code edit control
/** @file Editor.h
 ** Defines the main editor class.
// Copyright 1998-2003 by Neil Hodgson <neilh@scintilla.org>
// The License.txt file describes the conditions under which this software may be distributed.

#ifndef EDITOR_H
#define EDITOR_H

class Caret {
      bool active;
      bool on;
      int period;


class Timer {
      bool ticking;
      int ticksToWait;
      enum {tickSize = 100};
      TickerID tickerID;


class LineLayout {
      friend class LineLayoutCache;
      int *lineStarts;
      int lenLineStarts;
      /// Drawing is only performed for @a maxLineLength characters on each line.
      int lineNumber;
      bool inCache;
      enum { wrapWidthInfinite = 0x7ffffff };
      int maxLineLength;
      int numCharsInLine;
      enum validLevel { llInvalid, llCheckTextAndStyle, llPositions, llLines } validity;
      int xHighlightGuide;
      bool highlightColumn;
      int selStart;
      int selEnd;
      bool containsCaret;
      int edgeColumn;
      char *chars;
      char *styles;
      char *indicators;
      int *positions;
      char bracePreviousStyles[2];

      // Hotspot support
      int hsStart;
      int hsEnd;

      // Wrapped line support
      int widthLine;
      int lines;

      LineLayout(int maxLineLength_);
      virtual ~LineLayout();
      void Resize(int maxLineLength_);
      void Free();
      void Invalidate(validLevel validity_);
      int LineStart(int line) {
            if (line <= 0) {
                  return 0;
            } else if ((line >= lines) || !lineStarts) {
                  return numCharsInLine;
            } else {
                  return lineStarts[line];
      void SetLineStart(int line, int start);
      void SetBracesHighlight(Range rangeLine, Position braces[],
            char bracesMatchStyle, int xHighlight);
      void RestoreBracesHighlight(Range rangeLine, Position braces[]);

class LineLayoutCache {
      int level;
      int length;
      int size;
      LineLayout **cache;
      bool allInvalidated;
      int styleClock;
      void Allocate(int length_);
      void AllocateForLevel(int linesOnScreen, int linesInDoc);
      virtual ~LineLayoutCache();
      void Deallocate();
      enum {
      void Invalidate(LineLayout::validLevel validity_);
      void SetLevel(int level_);
      int GetLevel() { return level; }
      LineLayout *Retrieve(int lineNumber, int lineCaret, int maxChars, int styleClock_,
            int linesOnScreen, int linesInDoc);
      void Dispose(LineLayout *ll);

class SelectionText {
      char *s;
      int len;
      bool rectangular;
      SelectionText() : s(0), len(0), rectangular(false) {}
      ~SelectionText() {
            Set(0, 0);
      void Set(char *s_, int len_, bool rectangular_=false) {
            delete []s;
            s = s_;
            if (s)
                  len = len_;
                  len = 0;
            rectangular = rectangular_;
      void Copy(const char *s_, int len_, bool rectangular_=false) {
            delete []s;
            s = new char[len_];
            if (s) {
                  len = len_;
                  for (int i = 0; i < len_; i++) {
                        s[i] = s_[i];
            } else {
                  len = 0;
            rectangular = rectangular_;

class Editor : public DocWatcher {
      // Private so Editor objects can not be copied
      Editor(const Editor &) : DocWatcher() {}
      Editor &operator=(const Editor &) { return *this; }

protected:  // ScintillaBase subclass needs access to much of Editor

      /** On GTK+, Scintilla is a container widget holding two scroll bars
       * whereas on Windows there is just one window with both scroll bars turned on. */
      Window wMain;     ///< The Scintilla parent window

      /** Style resources may be expensive to allocate so are cached between uses.
       * When a style attribute is changed, this cache is flushed. */
      bool stylesValid;
      ViewStyle vs;
      Palette palette;

      int printMagnification;
      int printColourMode;
      int printWrapState;
      int cursorMode;
      int controlCharSymbol;

      bool hasFocus;
      bool hideSelection;
      bool inOverstrike;
      int errorStatus;
      bool mouseDownCaptures;

      /** In bufferedDraw mode, graphics operations are drawn to a pixmap and then copied to
       * the screen. This avoids flashing but is about 30% slower. */
      bool bufferedDraw;
      /** In twoPhaseDraw mode, drawing is performed in two phases, first the background
      * and then the foreground. This avoids chopping off characters that overlap the next run. */
      bool twoPhaseDraw;

      int xOffset;            ///< Horizontal scrolled amount in pixels
      int xCaretMargin; ///< Ensure this many pixels visible on both sides of caret
      bool horizontalScrollBarVisible;
      int scrollWidth;
      bool verticalScrollBarVisible;
      bool endAtLastLine;

      Surface *pixmapLine;
      Surface *pixmapSelMargin;
      Surface *pixmapSelPattern;
      Surface *pixmapIndentGuide;
      Surface *pixmapIndentGuideHighlight;

      LineLayoutCache llc;

      KeyMap kmap;

      Caret caret;
      Timer timer;
      Timer autoScrollTimer;
      enum { autoScrollDelay = 200 };

      Point lastClick;
      unsigned int lastClickTime;
      int dwellDelay;
      int ticksToDwell;
      bool dwelling;
      enum { selChar, selWord, selLine } selectionType;
      Point ptMouseLast;
      bool inDragDrop;
      bool dropWentOutside;
      int posDrag;
      int posDrop;
      int lastXChosen;
      int lineAnchor;
      int originalAnchorPos;
      int currentPos;
      int anchor;
      int targetStart;
      int targetEnd;
      int searchFlags;
      int topLine;
      int posTopLine;

      bool needUpdateUI;
      Position braces[2];
      int bracesMatchStyle;
      int highlightGuideColumn;

      int theEdge;

      enum { notPainting, painting, paintAbandoned } paintState;
      PRectangle rcPaint;
      bool paintingAllText;

      int modEventMask;

      SelectionText drag;
      enum { selStream, selRectangle, selRectangleFixed } selType;
      int xStartSelect;
      int xEndSelect;
      bool primarySelection;

      int caretXPolicy;
      int caretXSlop;   ///< Ensure this many pixels visible on both sides of caret

      int caretYPolicy;
      int caretYSlop;   ///< Ensure this many lines visible on both sides of caret

      int visiblePolicy;
      int visibleSlop;

      int searchAnchor;

      bool recordingMacro;

      int foldFlags;
      ContractionState cs;

      // Hotspot support
      int hsStart;
      int hsEnd;

      // Wrapping support
      enum { eWrapNone, eWrapWord } wrapState;
      int wrapWidth;
      int docLineLastWrapped;

      Document *pdoc;

      virtual ~Editor();
      virtual void Initialise() = 0;
      virtual void Finalise();

      void InvalidateStyleData();
      void InvalidateStyleRedraw();
      virtual void RefreshColourPalette(Palette &pal, bool want);
      void RefreshStyleData();
      void DropGraphics();

      virtual PRectangle GetClientRectangle();
      PRectangle GetTextRectangle();

      int LinesOnScreen();
      int LinesToScroll();
      int MaxScrollPos();
      Point LocationFromPosition(int pos);
      int XFromPosition(int pos);
      int PositionFromLocation(Point pt);
      int PositionFromLocationClose(Point pt);
      int PositionFromLineX(int line, int x);
      int LineFromLocation(Point pt);
      void SetTopLine(int topLineNew);

      bool AbandonPaint();
      void RedrawRect(PRectangle rc);
      void Redraw();
      void RedrawSelMargin();
      PRectangle RectangleFromRange(int start, int end);
      void InvalidateRange(int start, int end);

      int CurrentPosition();
      bool SelectionEmpty();
      int SelectionStart(int line=-1);
      int SelectionEnd(int line=-1);
      void SetSelection(int currentPos_, int anchor_);
      void SetSelection(int currentPos_);
      void SetEmptySelection(int currentPos_);
      bool RangeContainsProtected(int start, int end) const;
      bool SelectionContainsProtected() const;
      int MovePositionOutsideChar(int pos, int moveDir, bool checkLineEnd=true);
      int MovePositionTo(int newPos, bool extend=false, bool ensureVisible=true);
      int MovePositionSoVisible(int pos, int moveDir);
      void SetLastXChosen();

      void ScrollTo(int line, bool moveThumb=true);
      virtual void ScrollText(int linesToMove);
      void HorizontalScrollTo(int xPos);
      void MoveCaretInsideView(bool ensureVisible=true);
      int DisplayFromPosition(int pos);
      void EnsureCaretVisible(bool useMargin=true, bool vert=true, bool horiz=true);
      void ShowCaretAtCurrentPosition();
      void DropCaret();
      void InvalidateCaret();

      void NeedWrapping(int docLineStartWrapping=0);
      bool WrapLines();
      void LinesJoin();
      void LinesSplit(int pixelWidth);

      int SubstituteMarkerIfEmpty(int markerCheck, int markerDefault);
      void PaintSelMargin(Surface *surface, PRectangle &rc);
      LineLayout *RetrieveLineLayout(int lineNumber);
      void LayoutLine(int line, Surface *surface, ViewStyle &vstyle, LineLayout *ll,
            int width=LineLayout::wrapWidthInfinite);
      ColourAllocated TextBackground(ViewStyle &vsDraw, bool overrideBackground, ColourAllocated background, bool inSelection, bool inHotspot, int styleMain, int i, LineLayout *ll);
      void DrawIndentGuide(Surface *surface, int lineVisible, int lineHeight, int start, PRectangle rcSegment, bool highlight);
      void DrawEOL(Surface *surface, ViewStyle &vsDraw, PRectangle rcLine, LineLayout *ll,
            int line, int lineEnd, int xStart, int subLine, int subLineStart,
            bool overrideBackground, ColourAllocated background);
      void DrawLine(Surface *surface, ViewStyle &vsDraw, int line, int lineVisible, int xStart,
            PRectangle rcLine, LineLayout *ll, int subLine=0);
      void RefreshPixMaps(Surface *surfaceWindow);
      void Paint(Surface *surfaceWindow, PRectangle rcArea);
      long FormatRange(bool draw, RangeToFormat *pfr);
      int TextWidth(int style, const char *text);

      virtual void SetVerticalScrollPos() = 0;
      virtual void SetHorizontalScrollPos() = 0;
      virtual bool ModifyScrollBars(int nMax, int nPage) = 0;
      virtual void ReconfigureScrollBars();
      void SetScrollBars();
      void ChangeSize();

      void AddChar(char ch);
      virtual void AddCharUTF(char *s, unsigned int len, bool treatAsDBCS=false);
      void ClearSelection();
      void ClearAll();
      void ClearDocumentStyle();
      void Cut();
      void PasteRectangular(int pos, const char *ptr, int len);
      virtual void Copy() = 0;
      virtual bool CanPaste();
      virtual void Paste() = 0;
      void Clear();
      void SelectAll();
      void Undo();
      void Redo();
      void DelChar();
      void DelCharBack(bool allowLineStartDeletion);
      virtual void ClaimSelection() = 0;

      virtual void NotifyChange() = 0;
      virtual void NotifyFocus(bool focus);
      virtual int GetCtrlID() { return ctrlID; }
      virtual void NotifyParent(SCNotification scn) = 0;
      virtual void NotifyStyleToNeeded(int endStyleNeeded);
      void NotifyChar(int ch);
      void NotifyMove(int position);
      void NotifySavePoint(bool isSavePoint);
      void NotifyModifyAttempt();
      virtual void NotifyDoubleClick(Point pt, bool shift);
      void NotifyHotSpotClicked(int position, bool shift, bool ctrl, bool alt);
      void NotifyHotSpotDoubleClicked(int position, bool shift, bool ctrl, bool alt);
      void NotifyUpdateUI();
      void NotifyPainted();
      bool NotifyMarginClick(Point pt, bool shift, bool ctrl, bool alt);
      void NotifyNeedShown(int pos, int len);
      void NotifyDwelling(Point pt, bool state);
      void NotifyZoom();

      void NotifyModifyAttempt(Document *document, void *userData);
      void NotifySavePoint(Document *document, void *userData, bool atSavePoint);
      void CheckModificationForWrap(DocModification mh);
      void NotifyModified(Document *document, DocModification mh, void *userData);
      void NotifyDeleted(Document *document, void *userData);
      void NotifyStyleNeeded(Document *doc, void *userData, int endPos);
      void NotifyMacroRecord(unsigned int iMessage, uptr_t wParam, sptr_t lParam);

      void PageMove(int direction, bool extend=false);
      void ChangeCaseOfSelection(bool makeUpperCase);
      void LineTranspose();
      void LineDuplicate();
      virtual void CancelModes();
      void NewLine();
      void CursorUpOrDown(int direction, bool extend=false);
      int StartEndDisplayLine(int pos, bool start);
      virtual int KeyCommand(unsigned int iMessage);
      virtual int KeyDefault(int /* key */, int /*modifiers*/);
      int KeyDown(int key, bool shift, bool ctrl, bool alt, bool *consumed=0);

      int GetWhitespaceVisible();
      void SetWhitespaceVisible(int view);

      void Indent(bool forwards);

      long FindText(uptr_t wParam, sptr_t lParam);
      void SearchAnchor();
      long SearchText(unsigned int iMessage, uptr_t wParam, sptr_t lParam);
      long SearchInTarget(const char *text, int length);
      void GoToLine(int lineNo);

      virtual void CopyToClipboard(const SelectionText &selectedText) = 0;
      char *CopyRange(int start, int end);
      void CopySelectionFromRange(SelectionText *ss, int start, int end);
      void CopySelectionRange(SelectionText *ss);
      void CopyRangeToClipboard(int start, int end);
      void CopyText(int length, const char *text);
      void SetDragPosition(int newPos);
      virtual void DisplayCursor(Window::Cursor c);
      virtual void StartDrag();
      void DropAt(int position, const char *value, bool moving, bool rectangular);
      /** PositionInSelection returns 0 if position in selection, -1 if position before selection, and 1 if after.
       * Before means either before any line of selection or before selection on its line, with a similar meaning to after. */
      int PositionInSelection(int pos);
      bool PointInSelection(Point pt);
      bool PointInSelMargin(Point pt);
      void LineSelection(int lineCurrent_, int lineAnchor_);
      void DwellEnd(bool mouseMoved);
      virtual void ButtonDown(Point pt, unsigned int curTime, bool shift, bool ctrl, bool alt);
      void ButtonMove(Point pt);
      void ButtonUp(Point pt, unsigned int curTime, bool ctrl);

      void Tick();
      virtual void SetTicking(bool on) = 0;
      virtual void SetMouseCapture(bool on) = 0;
      virtual bool HaveMouseCapture() = 0;
      void SetFocusState(bool focusState);

      void CheckForChangeOutsidePaint(Range r);
      int BraceMatch(int position, int maxReStyle);
      void SetBraceHighlight(Position pos0, Position pos1, int matchStyle);

      void SetDocPointer(Document *document);

      void Expand(int &line, bool doExpand);
      void ToggleContraction(int line);
      void EnsureLineVisible(int lineDoc, bool enforcePolicy);
      int ReplaceTarget(bool replacePatterns, const char *text, int length=-1);

      bool PositionIsHotspot(int position);
      bool PointIsHotspot(Point pt);
      void SetHotSpotRange(Point *pt);
      void GetHotSpotRange(int& hsStart, int& hsEnd);

      int CodePage() const;

      virtual sptr_t DefWndProc(unsigned int iMessage, uptr_t wParam, sptr_t lParam) = 0;

      // Public so the COM thunks can access it.
      bool IsUnicodeMode() const;
      // Public so scintilla_send_message can use it.
      virtual sptr_t WndProc(unsigned int iMessage, uptr_t wParam, sptr_t lParam);
      // Public so scintilla_set_id can use it.
      int ctrlID;
      friend class AutoSurface;

 * A smart pointer class to ensure Surfaces are set up and deleted correctly.
00492 class AutoSurface {
      Surface *surf;
      AutoSurface(Editor *ed) : surf(0) {
            if (ed->wMain.GetID()) {
                  surf = Surface::Allocate();
                  if (surf) {
                        surf->SetUnicodeMode(SC_CP_UTF8 == ed->CodePage());
      AutoSurface(SurfaceID sid, Editor *ed) : surf(0) {
            if (ed->wMain.GetID()) {
                  surf = Surface::Allocate();
                  if (surf) {
                        surf->Init(sid, ed->wMain.GetID());
                        surf->SetUnicodeMode(SC_CP_UTF8 == ed->CodePage());
      ~AutoSurface() {
            delete surf;
      Surface *operator->() const {
            return surf;
      operator Surface *() const {
            return surf;


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