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// Name:        wx/filename.h
// Purpose:     wxFileName - encapsulates a file path
// Author:      Robert Roebling, Vadim Zeitlin
// Modified by:
// Created:     28.12.00
// RCS-ID:      $Id: filename.h,v 2005/06/20 17:36:12 MR Exp $
// Copyright:   (c) 2000 Robert Roebling
// Licence:     wxWindows license

#ifndef   _WX_FILENAME_H_
#define   _WX_FILENAME_H_

#ifndef WX_PRECOMP
    #include  "wx/string.h"


    1. support for drives under Windows
    2. more file operations:
        a) chmod()
        b) [acm]time() - get and set
        c) file size
        d) file permissions with readable accessors for most common bits
           such as IsReadable() &c
        e) rename()?
    3. SameFileAs() function to compare inodes under Unix

// ridiculously enough, this will replace DirExists with wxDirExists etc
#include "wx/filefn.h"
#include "wx/datetime.h"

class WXDLLEXPORT wxFile;

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// constants
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

// the various values for the path format: this mainly affects the path
// separator but also whether or not the path has the drive part (as under
// Windows)
enum wxPathFormat
    wxPATH_NATIVE = 0,      // the path format for the current platform

    wxPATH_WIN = wxPATH_DOS,
    wxPATH_OS2 = wxPATH_DOS

// the kind of normalization to do with the file name: these values can be
// or'd together to perform several operations at once
enum wxPathNormalize
    wxPATH_NORM_ENV_VARS = 0x0001,  // replace env vars with their values
    wxPATH_NORM_DOTS     = 0x0002,  // squeeze all .. and . and prepend cwd
    wxPATH_NORM_TILDE    = 0x0004,  // Unix only: replace ~ and ~user
    wxPATH_NORM_CASE     = 0x0008,  // if case insensitive => tolower
    wxPATH_NORM_ABSOLUTE = 0x0010,  // make the path absolute
    wxPATH_NORM_LONG =     0x0020,  // make the path the long form
    wxPATH_NORM_ALL      = 0x003f

// what exactly should GetPath() return?
    wxPATH_GET_VOLUME    = 0x0001,  // include the volume if applicable
    wxPATH_GET_SEPARATOR = 0x0002   // terminate the path with the separator

// MkDir flags
    wxPATH_MKDIR_FULL    = 0x0001   // create directories recursively

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// wxFileName: encapsulates a file path
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

class WXDLLEXPORT wxFileName
    // constructors and assignment

        // the usual stuff
    wxFileName() { Clear(); }
    wxFileName( const wxFileName &filepath ) { Assign(filepath); }

        // from a full filename: if it terminates with a '/', a directory path
        // is contructed (the name will be empty), otherwise a file name and
        // extension are extracted from it
    wxFileName( const wxString& fullpath, wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE )
        { Assign( fullpath, format ); }

        // from a directory name and a file name
    wxFileName(const wxString& path,
               const wxString& name,
               wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE)
        { Assign(path, name, format); }

        // from a volume, directory name, file base name and extension
    wxFileName(const wxString& volume,
               const wxString& path,
               const wxString& name,
               const wxString& ext,
               wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE)
        { Assign(volume, path, name, ext, format); }

        // from a directory name, file base name and extension
    wxFileName(const wxString& path,
               const wxString& name,
               const wxString& ext,
               wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE)
        { Assign(path, name, ext, format); }

        // the same for delayed initialization

    void Assign(const wxFileName& filepath);

    void Assign(const wxString& fullpath,
                wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

    void Assign(const wxString& volume,
                const wxString& path,
                const wxString& name,
                const wxString& ext,
                wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

    void Assign(const wxString& path,
                const wxString& name,
                wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

    void Assign(const wxString& path,
                const wxString& name,
                const wxString& ext,
                wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE)
        // empty volume
        Assign(_T(""), path, name, ext, format);

    void AssignDir(const wxString& dir, wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

        // assorted assignment operators

    wxFileName& operator=(const wxFileName& filename)
        { Assign(filename); return *this; }

    wxFileName& operator=(const wxString& filename)
        { Assign(filename); return *this; }

        // reset all components to default, uninitialized state
    void Clear();

        // static pseudo constructors
    static wxFileName FileName(const wxString& file);
    static wxFileName DirName(const wxString& dir);

    // file tests

        // is the filename valid at all?
    bool IsOk() const { return !m_dirs.IsEmpty() || !m_name.IsEmpty(); }

        // does the file with this name exists?
    bool FileExists();
    static bool FileExists( const wxString &file );

        // does the directory with this name exists?
    bool DirExists();
    static bool DirExists( const wxString &dir );

        // VZ: also need: IsDirWritable(), IsFileExecutable() &c (TODO)

    // time functions

        // set the file last access/mod and creation times
        // (any of the pointers may be NULL)
    bool SetTimes(const wxDateTime *dtAccess,
                  const wxDateTime *dtMod,
                  const wxDateTime *dtCreate);

        // set the access and modification times to the current moment
    bool Touch();

        // return the last access, last modification and create times
        // (any of the pointers may be NULL)
    bool GetTimes(wxDateTime *dtAccess,
                  wxDateTime *dtMod,
                  wxDateTime *dtCreate) const;

        // convenience wrapper: get just the last mod time of the file
    wxDateTime GetModificationTime() const
        wxDateTime dtMod;
        (void)GetTimes(NULL, &dtMod, NULL);
        return dtMod;

#ifdef __WXMAC__
    bool MacSetTypeAndCreator( wxUint32 type , wxUint32 creator ) ;
    bool MacGetTypeAndCreator( wxUint32 *type , wxUint32 *creator ) ;
    // gets the 'common' type and creator for a certain extension
    static bool MacFindDefaultTypeAndCreator( const wxString& ext , wxUint32 *type , wxUint32 *creator ) ;
    // registers application defined extensions and their default type and creator
    static void MacRegisterDefaultTypeAndCreator( const wxString& ext , wxUint32 type , wxUint32 creator ) ;
    // looks up the appropriate type and creator from the registration and then sets
    bool MacSetDefaultTypeAndCreator() ;

    // various file/dir operations

        // retrieve the value of the current working directory
    void AssignCwd(const wxString& volume = wxEmptyString);
    static wxString GetCwd(const wxString& volume = wxEmptyString);

        // change the current working directory
    bool SetCwd();
    static bool SetCwd( const wxString &cwd );

        // get the value of user home (Unix only mainly)
    void AssignHomeDir();
    static wxString GetHomeDir();

        // get a temp file name starting with the specified prefix and open the
        // file passed to us using this name for writing (atomically if
        // possible)
    void AssignTempFileName(const wxString& prefix, wxFile *fileTemp = NULL);
    static wxString CreateTempFileName(const wxString& prefix,
                                       wxFile *fileTemp = NULL);

    // directory creation and removal.
    // if full is TRUE, will try to make each directory in the path.
    bool Mkdir( int perm = 0777, int flags = 0);
    static bool Mkdir( const wxString &dir, int perm = 0777, int flags = 0 );

    bool Rmdir();
    static bool Rmdir( const wxString &dir );

    // operations on the path

        // normalize the path: with the default flags value, the path will be
        // made absolute, without any ".." and "." and all environment
        // variables will be expanded in it
        // this may be done using another (than current) value of cwd
    bool Normalize(int flags = wxPATH_NORM_ALL,
                   const wxString& cwd = wxEmptyString,
                   wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

        // get a path path relative to the given base directory, i.e. opposite
        // of Normalize
        // pass an empty string to get a path relative to the working directory
        // returns TRUE if the file name was modified, FALSE if we failed to do
        // anything with it (happens when the file is on a different volume,
        // for example)
    bool MakeRelativeTo(const wxString& pathBase = _T(""),
                        wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

    bool MakeAbsolute(const wxString& cwd = wxEmptyString,
                      wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE)
        { return Normalize(wxPATH_NORM_DOTS | wxPATH_NORM_ABSOLUTE |
                           wxPATH_NORM_TILDE, cwd, format); }

    // Comparison

        // compares with the rules of the given platforms format
    bool SameAs(const wxFileName& filepath,
                wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE) const;

        // compare with another filename object
    bool operator==(const wxFileName& filename) const
        { return SameAs(filename); }
    bool operator!=(const wxFileName& filename) const
        { return !SameAs(filename); }

        // compare with a filename string interpreted as a native file name
    bool operator==(const wxString& filename) const
        { return SameAs(wxFileName(filename)); }
    bool operator!=(const wxString& filename) const
        { return !SameAs(wxFileName(filename)); }

        // are the file names of this type cases sensitive?
    static bool IsCaseSensitive( wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE );

        // is this filename absolute?
    bool IsAbsolute(wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE) const;

        // is this filename relative?
    bool IsRelative(wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE) const
        { return !IsAbsolute(format); }

    // Information about path format

    // get the string separating the volume from the path for this format,
    // return an empty string if this format doesn't support the notion of
    // volumes at all
    static wxString GetVolumeSeparator(wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

    // get the string of path separators for this format
    static wxString GetPathSeparators(wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

    // get the canonical path separator for this format
    static wxChar GetPathSeparator(wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE)
        { return GetPathSeparators(format)[0u]; }

    // is the char a path separator for this format?
    static bool IsPathSeparator(wxChar ch, wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

    // Dir accessors
    void AppendDir( const wxString &dir );
    void PrependDir( const wxString &dir );
    void InsertDir( int before, const wxString &dir );
    void RemoveDir( int pos );
    size_t GetDirCount() const { return m_dirs.GetCount(); }

    // Other accessors
    void SetExt( const wxString &ext )          { m_ext = ext; }
    wxString GetExt() const                     { return m_ext; }
    bool HasExt() const                         { return !m_ext.empty(); }

    void SetName( const wxString &name )        { m_name = name; }
    wxString GetName() const                    { return m_name; }
    bool HasName() const                        { return !m_name.empty(); }

    void SetVolume( const wxString &volume )    { m_volume = volume; }
    wxString GetVolume() const                  { return m_volume; }
    bool HasVolume() const                      { return !m_volume.empty(); }

    // full name is the file name + extension (but without the path)
    void SetFullName(const wxString& fullname);
    wxString GetFullName() const;

    const wxArrayString& GetDirs() const        { return m_dirs; }

    // flags are combination of wxPATH_GET_XXX flags
    wxString GetPath(int flags = 0, wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE) const;

    // Replace current path with this one
    void SetPath( const wxString &path, wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE );

    // Construct full path with name and ext
    wxString GetFullPath( wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE ) const;

    // Return the short form of the path (returns identity on non-Windows platforms)
    wxString GetShortPath() const;

    // Return the long form of the path (returns identity on non-Windows platforms)
    wxString GetLongPath() const;

    // Is this a file or directory (not necessarily an existing one)
    bool IsDir() const { return m_name.empty() && m_ext.empty(); }

    // various helpers

        // get the canonical path format for this platform
    static wxPathFormat GetFormat( wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE );

        // split a fullpath into the volume, path, (base) name and extension
        // (all of the pointers can be NULL)
    static void SplitPath(const wxString& fullpath,
                          wxString *volume,
                          wxString *path,
                          wxString *name,
                          wxString *ext,
                          wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

        // compatibility version
    static void SplitPath(const wxString& fullpath,
                          wxString *path,
                          wxString *name,
                          wxString *ext,
                          wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE);

    // deprecated methods, don't use any more
    // --------------------------------------

    wxString GetPath( bool withSep, wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE ) const
        { return GetPath(withSep ? wxPATH_GET_SEPARATOR : 0, format); }

    wxString GetPathWithSep(wxPathFormat format = wxPATH_NATIVE ) const
        { return GetPath(wxPATH_GET_SEPARATOR, format); }

    // the drive/volume/device specification (always empty for Unix)
    wxString        m_volume;

    // the path components of the file
    wxArrayString   m_dirs;

    // the file name and extension (empty for directories)
    wxString        m_name,

    // when m_dirs is empty it may mean either that we have no path at all or
    // that our path is '/', i.e. the root directory
    // we use m_relative to distinguish between these two cases, it will be
    // TRUE in the former and FALSE in the latter
    // NB: the path is not absolute just because m_relative is FALSE, it still
    //     needs the drive (i.e. volume) in some formats (Windows)
    bool            m_relative;

#endif // _WX_FILENAME_H_

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