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// Name:        textctrl.h
// Purpose:     wxTextCtrlBase class - the interface of wxTextCtrl
// Author:      Vadim Zeitlin
// Modified by:
// Created:     13.07.99
// RCS-ID:      $Id: textctrl.h,v 2005/06/20 17:36:32 MR Exp $
// Copyright:   (c) Vadim Zeitlin
// Licence:     wxWindows licence


// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// headers
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#include "wx/defs.h"


#include "wx/control.h"         // the base class

// 16-bit Borland 4.0 doesn't seem to allow multiple inheritance with wxWindow
// and streambuf: it complains about deriving a huge class from the huge class
// streambuf. !! Also, can't use streambuf if making or using a DLL :-(

#if (defined(__BORLANDC__)) || defined(__MWERKS__) || \
    defined(WXUSINGDLL) || defined(WXMAKINGDLL)

        #include "wx/ioswrap.h"    // for iostream classes if we need them
    #else // !wxUSE_STD_IOSTREAM
        // can't compile this feature in if we don't use streams at all
        #define NO_TEXT_WINDOW_STREAM

class WXDLLEXPORT wxTextCtrl;
class WXDLLEXPORT wxTextCtrlBase;

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// constants
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

WXDLLEXPORT_DATA(extern const wxChar*) wxTextCtrlNameStr;
WXDLLEXPORT_DATA(extern const wxChar*) wxEmptyString;

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// wxTextCtrl style flags
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

// the flag bits 0x0001, and 0x0004 are free but should be used only for the
// things which don't make sense for a text control used by wxTextEntryDialog
// because they would otherwise conflict with wxOK, wxCANCEL, wxCENTRE

#define wxTE_NO_VSCROLL     0x0002
#define wxTE_AUTO_SCROLL    0x0008

#define wxTE_READONLY       0x0010
#define wxTE_MULTILINE      0x0020
#define wxTE_PROCESS_TAB    0x0040

// alignment flags
#define wxTE_LEFT           0x0000                    // 0x0000
#define wxTE_CENTER         wxALIGN_CENTER_HORIZONTAL // 0x0100
#define wxTE_RIGHT          wxALIGN_RIGHT             // 0x0200
#define wxTE_CENTRE         wxTE_CENTER

// this style means to use RICHEDIT control and does something only under wxMSW
// and Win32 and is silently ignored under all other platforms
#define wxTE_RICH           0x0080

#define wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER  0x0400
#define wxTE_PASSWORD       0x0800

// automatically detect the URLs and generate the events when mouse is
// moved/clicked over an URL
// this is for Win32 richedit controls only so far
#define wxTE_AUTO_URL       0x1000

// by default, the Windows text control doesn't show the selection when it
// doesn't have focus - use this style to force it to always show it
#define wxTE_NOHIDESEL      0x2000

// use wxHSCROLL to not wrap text at all, wxTE_LINEWRAP to wrap it at any
// position and wxTE_WORDWRAP to wrap at words boundary
#define wxTE_DONTWRAP       wxHSCROLL
#define wxTE_LINEWRAP       0x4000
#define wxTE_WORDWRAP       0x0000  // it's just == !wxHSCROLL

// force using RichEdit version 2.0 or 3.0 instead of 1.0 (default) for
// wxTE_RICH controls - can be used together with or instead of wxTE_RICH
#define wxTE_RICH2          0x8000

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// wxTextAttr: a structure containing the visual attributes of a text
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

class WXDLLEXPORT wxTextAttr
    // ctors
    wxTextAttr() { }
    wxTextAttr(const wxColour& colText,
               const wxColour& colBack = wxNullColour,
               const wxFont& font = wxNullFont)
        : m_colText(colText), m_colBack(colBack), m_font(font) { }

    // setters
    void SetTextColour(const wxColour& colText) { m_colText = colText; }
    void SetBackgroundColour(const wxColour& colBack) { m_colBack = colBack; }
    void SetFont(const wxFont& font) { m_font = font; }

    // accessors
    bool HasTextColour() const { return m_colText.Ok(); }
    bool HasBackgroundColour() const { return m_colBack.Ok(); }
    bool HasFont() const { return m_font.Ok(); }

    // setters
    const wxColour& GetTextColour() const { return m_colText; }
    const wxColour& GetBackgroundColour() const { return m_colBack; }
    const wxFont& GetFont() const { return m_font; }

    // returns false if we have any attributes set, true otherwise
    bool IsDefault() const
        return !HasTextColour() && !HasBackgroundColour() && !HasFont();

    // return the attribute having the valid font and colours: it uses the
    // attributes set in attr and falls back first to attrDefault and then to
    // the text control font/colours for those attributes which are not set
    static wxTextAttr Combine(const wxTextAttr& attr,
                              const wxTextAttr& attrDef,
                              const wxTextCtrlBase *text);

    wxColour m_colText,
    wxFont   m_font;

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// wxTextCtrl: a single or multiple line text zone where user can enter and
// edit text
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

class WXDLLEXPORT wxTextCtrlBase : public wxControl
                                 , public wxSTD streambuf

    // creation
    // --------


    // accessors
    // ---------

    virtual wxString GetValue() const = 0;
    virtual void SetValue(const wxString& value) = 0;

    virtual wxString GetRange(long from, long to) const;

    virtual int GetLineLength(long lineNo) const = 0;
    virtual wxString GetLineText(long lineNo) const = 0;
    virtual int GetNumberOfLines() const = 0;

    virtual bool IsModified() const = 0;
    virtual bool IsEditable() const = 0;

    // more readable flag testing methods
    bool IsSingleLine() const { return !(GetWindowStyle() & wxTE_MULTILINE); }
    bool IsMultiLine() const { return !IsSingleLine(); }

    // If the return values from and to are the same, there is no selection.
    virtual void GetSelection(long* from, long* to) const = 0;

    virtual wxString GetStringSelection() const;

    // operations
    // ----------

    // editing
    virtual void Clear() = 0;
    virtual void Replace(long from, long to, const wxString& value) = 0;
    virtual void Remove(long from, long to) = 0;

    // load/save the controls contents from/to the file
    virtual bool LoadFile(const wxString& file);
    virtual bool SaveFile(const wxString& file = wxEmptyString);

    // clears the dirty flag
    virtual void DiscardEdits() = 0;

    // set the max number of characters which may be entered in a single line
    // text control
    virtual void SetMaxLength(unsigned long WXUNUSED(len)) { }

    // writing text inserts it at the current position, appending always
    // inserts it at the end
    virtual void WriteText(const wxString& text) = 0;
    virtual void AppendText(const wxString& text) = 0;

    // insert the character which would have resulted from this key event,
    // return TRUE if anything has been inserted
    virtual bool EmulateKeyPress(const wxKeyEvent& event);

    // text control under some platforms supports the text styles: these
    // methods allow to apply the given text style to the given selection or to
    // set/get the style which will be used for all appended text
    virtual bool SetStyle(long start, long end, const wxTextAttr& style);
    virtual bool SetDefaultStyle(const wxTextAttr& style);
    virtual const wxTextAttr& GetDefaultStyle() const;

    // translate between the position (which is just an index in the text ctrl
    // considering all its contents as a single strings) and (x, y) coordinates
    // which represent column and line.
    virtual long XYToPosition(long x, long y) const = 0;
    virtual bool PositionToXY(long pos, long *x, long *y) const = 0;

    virtual void ShowPosition(long pos) = 0;

    // Clipboard operations
    virtual void Copy() = 0;
    virtual void Cut() = 0;
    virtual void Paste() = 0;

    virtual bool CanCopy() const;
    virtual bool CanCut() const;
    virtual bool CanPaste() const;

    // Undo/redo
    virtual void Undo() = 0;
    virtual void Redo() = 0;

    virtual bool CanUndo() const = 0;
    virtual bool CanRedo() const = 0;

    // Insertion point
    virtual void SetInsertionPoint(long pos) = 0;
    virtual void SetInsertionPointEnd() = 0;
    virtual long GetInsertionPoint() const = 0;
    virtual long GetLastPosition() const = 0;

    virtual void SetSelection(long from, long to) = 0;
    virtual void SelectAll();
    virtual void SetEditable(bool editable) = 0;

    // override streambuf method
    int overflow(int i);

    // stream-like insertion operators: these are always available, whether we
    // were, or not, compiled with streambuf support
    wxTextCtrl& operator<<(const wxString& s);
    wxTextCtrl& operator<<(int i);
    wxTextCtrl& operator<<(long i);
    wxTextCtrl& operator<<(float f);
    wxTextCtrl& operator<<(double d);
    wxTextCtrl& operator<<(const wxChar c);

    // obsolete functions
    bool Modified() const { return IsModified(); }

    // the name of the last file loaded with LoadFile() which will be used by
    // SaveFile() by default
    wxString m_filename;

    // the text style which will be used for any new text added to the control
    wxTextAttr m_defaultStyle;

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// include the platform-dependent class definition
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#if defined(__WXX11__)
    #include "wx/x11/textctrl.h"
#elif defined(__WXUNIVERSAL__)
    #include "wx/univ/textctrl.h"
#elif defined(__WXMSW__)
    #include "wx/msw/textctrl.h"
#elif defined(__WXMOTIF__)
    #include "wx/motif/textctrl.h"
#elif defined(__WXGTK__)
    #include "wx/gtk/textctrl.h"
#elif defined(__WXMAC__)
    #include "wx/mac/textctrl.h"
#elif defined(__WXPM__)
    #include "wx/os2/textctrl.h"
#elif defined(__WXSTUBS__)
    #include "wx/stubs/textctrl.h"

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// wxTextCtrl events
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------




class WXDLLEXPORT wxTextUrlEvent : public wxCommandEvent
    wxTextUrlEvent(int id, const wxMouseEvent& evtMouse,
                   long start, long end)
        : wxCommandEvent(wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_URL, id)
        , m_evtMouse(evtMouse), m_start(start), m_end(end)
        { }

    // get the mouse event which happend over the URL
    const wxMouseEvent& GetMouseEvent() const { return m_evtMouse; }

    // get the start of the URL
    long GetURLStart() const { return m_start; }

    // get the end of the URL
    long GetURLEnd() const { return m_end; }

    // the corresponding mouse event
    wxMouseEvent m_evtMouse;

    // the start and end indices of the URL in the text control
    long m_start,


    // for wxWin RTTI only, don't use
    wxTextUrlEvent() : m_evtMouse(), m_start(0), m_end(0) { }

typedef void (wxEvtHandler::*wxTextUrlEventFunction)(wxTextUrlEvent&);

#define EVT_TEXT(id, fn) DECLARE_EVENT_TABLE_ENTRY( wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_UPDATED, id, -1, (wxObjectEventFunction) (wxEventFunction) (wxCommandEventFunction) & fn, (wxObject *) NULL ),
#define EVT_TEXT_ENTER(id, fn) DECLARE_EVENT_TABLE_ENTRY( wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_ENTER, id, -1, (wxObjectEventFunction) (wxEventFunction) (wxCommandEventFunction) & fn, (wxObject *) NULL ),
#define EVT_TEXT_URL(id, fn) DECLARE_EVENT_TABLE_ENTRY( wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_URL, id, -1, (wxObjectEventFunction) (wxEventFunction) (wxCommandEventFunction) (wxTextUrlEventFunction) & fn, (wxObject *) NULL ),
#define EVT_TEXT_MAXLEN(id, fn) DECLARE_EVENT_TABLE_ENTRY( wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_MAXLEN, id, -1, (wxObjectEventFunction) (wxEventFunction) (wxCommandEventFunction) & fn, (wxObject *) NULL ),


// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// wxStreamToTextRedirector: this class redirects all data sent to the given
// C++ stream to the wxTextCtrl given to its ctor during its lifetime.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

class WXDLLEXPORT wxStreamToTextRedirector
    wxStreamToTextRedirector(wxTextCtrl *text, wxSTD ostream *ostr = NULL)
        : m_ostr(ostr ? *ostr : wxSTD cout)
        m_sbufOld = m_ostr.rdbuf();


    // the stream we're redirecting
    wxSTD ostream&   m_ostr;

    // the old streambuf (before we changed it)
    wxSTD streambuf *m_sbufOld;


#endif // wxUSE_TEXTCTRL


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