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// Scintilla source code edit control
/** @file CallTip.h
 ** Interface to the call tip control.
// Copyright 1998-2001 by Neil Hodgson <neilh@scintilla.org>
// The License.txt file describes the conditions under which this software may be distributed.

#ifndef CALLTIP_H
#define CALLTIP_H

class CallTip {
      int startHighlight;
      int endHighlight;
      char *val;
      Font font;
      int xUp;
      int xDown;
      int lineHeight;
      int offsetMain;
      // Private so CallTip objects can not be copied
      CallTip(const CallTip &) {}
      CallTip &operator=(const CallTip &) { return *this; }
      void DrawChunk(Surface *surface, int &x, const char *s,
            int posStart, int posEnd, int ytext, PRectangle rcClient,
            bool highlight, bool draw);
      int PaintContents(Surface *surfaceWindow, bool draw);

      Window wCallTip;
      Window wDraw;
      bool inCallTipMode;
      int posStartCallTip;
      ColourPair colourBG;
      ColourPair colourUnSel;
      ColourPair colourSel;
      ColourPair colourShade;
      ColourPair colourLight;
      int codePage;
      int clickPlace;


      /// Claim or accept palette entries for the colours required to paint a calltip.
      void RefreshColourPalette(Palette &pal, bool want);

      void PaintCT(Surface *surfaceWindow);

      void MouseClick(Point pt);

      /// Setup the calltip and return a rectangle of the area required.
      PRectangle CallTipStart(int pos, Point pt, const char *defn,
            const char *faceName, int size, int codePage_, Window &wParent);

      void CallTipCancel();

      /// Set a range of characters to be displayed in a highlight style.
      /// Commonly used to highlight the current parameter.
      void SetHighlight(int start, int end);


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