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// Name:        frmview.h
// Purpose:     wxFrameView and wxFrameManager classes.
// Author:      Aleksandras Gluchovas
// Modified by:
// Created:     02/01/99
// RCS-ID:      $Id: frmview.h,v 2005/06/20 17:33:25 MR Exp $
// Copyright:   (c) Aleksandras Gluchovas
// Licence:     wxWindows licence

#ifndef __FRMVIEW_G__
#define __FRMVIEW_G__

#include "wx/module.h"

#if 0
#include "wx/fl/objstore.h"

class wxObjectStorage;

#include "wx/fl/controlbar.h"

class wxFrameManager;

It is not clear what this class does. It is not used elsewhere in FL.

class WXFL_DECLSPEC wxFrameView : public wxEvtHandler
    wxStringList    mTopMenus;
    wxFrameLayout*  mpLayout;
    wxFrameManager* mpFrameMgr;
    bool            mDoToolUpdates;

    friend class wxFrameManager;
    friend class wxFrameViewSerializer;

    void OnIdle( wxIdleEvent& event);


    virtual void Activate();
    virtual void Deactivate();

    wxFrame* GetParentFrame();
    wxWindow* GetClientWindow();

    wxFrameManager& GetFrameManager();

    void RegisterMenu( const wxString& topMenuName );

    void CreateLayout();
    wxFrameLayout* GetLayout();
    void SetLayout( wxFrameLayout* pLayout );
    void SetToolUpdates( bool doToolUpdates = TRUE );

    // hooks for specific frame-views

    virtual void OnInit() {}

    virtual void OnSerialize( wxObjectStorage& store ) {}
    virtual void OnActiveate() {}
    virtual void OnDeactivate() {}

    // imp. is mandatory
    virtual void OnRecreate() {}
    virtual void OnInitMenus() {}


class wxFrame;

It is not clear what this class does. It is not used elsewhere in FL.

class WXFL_DECLSPEC wxFrameManager : wxObject
    wxList       mViews;
    wxWindow*    mpFrameWnd;
    int          mActiveViewNo;
    wxWindow*    mpClientWnd;

#if 0
    wxObjectStorage mStore;

    wxString        mSettingsFile;

    void DoSerialize( wxObjectStorage& store );
    void DestroyViews();
    int GetViewNo( wxFrameView* pView );
    void EnableMenusForView( wxFrameView* pView, bool enable );
    void SyncAllMenus();


    // if file name is empty, views are are not saved/loaded

    virtual void Init( wxWindow* pMainFrame, const wxString& settingsFile = "" );

    // synonyms
    wxFrame* GetParentFrame();
    wxWindow* GetParentWindow();

    int GetActiveViewNo();
    wxFrameView* GetActiveView();
    wxNode* GetActiveViewNode();

    wxFrameView* GetView( int viewNo );

    void SetClinetWindow( wxWindow* pFrameClient ); 
    wxWindow* GetClientWindow();

    void AddView( wxFrameView* pFrmView );
    void RemoveView( wxFrameView* pFrmView );

    void ActivateView( int viewNo );
    void ActivateView( wxFrameView* pFrmView );
    void DeactivateCurrentView();

    wxObjectStorage& GetObjectStore();

    void SaveViewsNow();
    bool ReloadViews();

    bool ViewsAreLoaded();

#endif /* __FRMVIEW_G__ */

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