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Accessor Class Reference

#include <Accessor.h>

Inherited by DocumentAccessor, and WindowAccessor.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Interface to data in a Scintilla.

Definition at line 17 of file Accessor.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void ColourTo (unsigned int pos, int chAttr)=0
virtual void Flush ()=0
virtual int GetLine (int position)=0
virtual int GetLineState (int line)=0
virtual char * GetProperties ()=0
virtual int GetPropertyInt (const char *key, int defaultValue=0)=0
virtual unsigned int GetStartSegment ()=0
virtual int IndentAmount (int line, int *flags, PFNIsCommentLeader pfnIsCommentLeader=0)=0
bool IsLeadByte (char ch)
virtual int Length ()=0
virtual int LevelAt (int line)=0
virtual int LineStart (int line)=0
virtual bool Match (int pos, const char *s)=0
char operator[] (int position)
char SafeGetCharAt (int position, char chDefault=' ')
void SetCodePage (int codePage_)
virtual void SetFlags (char chFlags_, char chWhile_)=0
virtual void SetLevel (int line, int level)=0
virtual int SetLineState (int line, int state)=0
virtual void StartAt (unsigned int start, char chMask=31)=0
virtual void StartSegment (unsigned int pos)=0
virtual char StyleAt (int position)=0

Protected Types

enum  { extremePosition = 0x7FFFFFFF }
enum  { bufferSize = 4000, slopSize = bufferSize/8 }

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Fill (int position)=0
virtual bool InternalIsLeadByte (char ch)=0

Protected Attributes

char buf [bufferSize+1]
int codePage
int endPos
int startPos

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