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// Name:        prop.h
// Purpose:     Property sheet classes
// Author:      Julian Smart
// Modified by:
// Created:     04/01/98
// RCS-ID:      $Id: prop.h,v 2005/06/20 17:36:25 MR Exp $
// Copyright:   (c) Julian Smart
// Licence:       wxWindows licence

#ifndef _WX_PROP_H_
#define _WX_PROP_H_


#include "wx/defs.h"
#include "wx/string.h"
#include "wx/hash.h"
#include "wx/dialog.h"
#include "wx/frame.h"
#include "wx/button.h"
#include "wx/listbox.h"
#include "wx/textctrl.h"
#include "wx/gdicmn.h"
#include "wx/layout.h"
#include "wx/sizer.h"

class wxWindow;
class wxProperty;
class wxPropertyValue;
class wxPropertySheet;
class wxPropertyView;
class wxPropertyValidator;
class wxPropertyValidatorRegistry;

#define wxPROPERTY_VERSION 2.0

// A storable sheet of values
class WXDLLEXPORT wxPropertySheet: public wxObject
    wxPropertySheet(const wxString& name = wxT(""));

    // Set the name of the sheet
    inline virtual void SetName(const wxString& name) { m_name=name; }
    inline virtual wxString GetName() const { return m_name; }
    // Does this sheet contain a property with this name
    virtual bool HasProperty(const wxString& name) const;

    // Set property name to value
    virtual bool SetProperty(const wxString& name, const wxPropertyValue& value);

    // Remove property from sheet by name, deleting it
    virtual void RemoveProperty(const wxString& name);

    // Get the name of the sheet
    // Add a property
    virtual void AddProperty(wxProperty *property);

    // Get property by name
    virtual wxProperty *GetProperty(const wxString& name) const;

    // Clear all properties
    virtual void Clear();

    virtual void UpdateAllViews(wxPropertyView *thisView = NULL);
    inline virtual wxList& GetProperties() const { return (wxList&) m_properties; }
    // Sets/clears the modified flag for each property value
    virtual void SetAllModified(bool flag = TRUE);

    wxObject*         m_viewedObject;
    wxList            m_properties;
    wxPropertyView*   m_propertyView;
    wxString                  m_name;

// Base class for property sheet views. There are currently two directly derived
// classes: wxPropertyListView, and wxPropertyFormView.
class WXDLLEXPORT wxPropertyView: public wxEvtHandler
    wxPropertyView(long flags = 0);

    // Associates and shows the view
    virtual void ShowView(wxPropertySheet *WXUNUSED(propertySheet), wxWindow *WXUNUSED(panel)) {}

    // Update this view of the viewed object, called e.g. by
    // the object itself.
    virtual bool OnUpdateView() {return FALSE;};

    // Override this to do something as soon as the property changed,
    // if the view and validators support it.
    virtual void OnPropertyChanged(wxProperty *WXUNUSED(property)) {}

    virtual void AddRegistry(wxPropertyValidatorRegistry *registry);
    inline virtual wxList& GetRegistryList() const
        { return (wxList&) m_validatorRegistryList; }

    virtual wxPropertyValidator *FindPropertyValidator(wxProperty *property);
    inline virtual void SetPropertySheet(wxPropertySheet *sheet) { m_propertySheet = sheet; }
    inline virtual wxPropertySheet *GetPropertySheet() const { return m_propertySheet; }

    inline virtual bool OnClose() { return FALSE; }
    inline long GetFlags(void) { return m_buttonFlags; }

    long                  m_buttonFlags;
    wxPropertySheet*      m_propertySheet;
    wxProperty*           m_currentProperty;
    wxList                m_validatorRegistryList;
    wxPropertyValidator*  m_currentValidator;

class WXDLLEXPORT wxPropertyValidator: public wxEvtHandler
    wxPropertyValidator(long flags = 0);

    inline long GetFlags() const { return m_validatorFlags; }
    inline void SetValidatorProperty(wxProperty *prop) { m_validatorProperty = prop; }
    inline wxProperty *GetValidatorProperty(void) const { return m_validatorProperty; }

    virtual bool StringToFloat (wxChar *s, float *number);
    virtual bool StringToDouble (wxChar *s, double *number);
    virtual bool StringToInt (wxChar *s, int *number);
    virtual bool StringToLong (wxChar *s, long *number);
    virtual wxChar *FloatToString (float number);
    virtual wxChar *DoubleToString (double number);
    virtual wxChar *IntToString (int number);
    virtual wxChar *LongToString (long number);

    long          m_validatorFlags;
    wxProperty*   m_validatorProperty;

// extern wxPropertyValidator *wxDefaultPropertyValidator;

class WXDLLEXPORT wxPropertyValidatorRegistry: public wxHashTable

    virtual void RegisterValidator(const wxString& roleName, wxPropertyValidator *validator);
    virtual wxPropertyValidator *GetValidator(const wxString& roleName);
    void ClearRegistry();

 * Property value class

typedef enum {
} wxPropertyValueType;

class WXDLLEXPORT wxPropertyValue: public wxObject

  wxPropertyValue(void);                       // Unknown type
  wxPropertyValue(const wxPropertyValue& copyFrom);  // Copy constructor
  wxPropertyValue(const wxChar *val);
  wxPropertyValue(const wxString& val);
  wxPropertyValue(long val);
  wxPropertyValue(bool val);
  wxPropertyValue(float val);
  wxPropertyValue(double the_real);
  wxPropertyValue(wxList *val);
  wxPropertyValue(wxStringList *val);
  // Pointer versions
  wxPropertyValue(wxChar **val);
  wxPropertyValue(long *val);
  wxPropertyValue(bool *val);
  wxPropertyValue(float *val);


  virtual inline wxPropertyValueType Type(void) const { return m_type; }
  virtual inline void SetType(wxPropertyValueType typ) { m_type = typ; }
  virtual long IntegerValue(void) const;
  virtual float RealValue(void) const;
  virtual bool BoolValue(void) const;
  virtual wxChar *StringValue(void) const;
  virtual long *IntegerValuePtr(void) const;
  virtual float *RealValuePtr(void) const;
  virtual bool *BoolValuePtr(void) const;
  virtual wxChar **StringValuePtr(void) const;

  // Get nth arg of clause (starting from 1)
  virtual wxPropertyValue *Arg(wxPropertyValueType type, int arg) const;

  // Return nth argument of a list expression (starting from zero)
  virtual wxPropertyValue *Nth(int arg) const;
  // Returns the number of elements in a list expression
  virtual int Number(void) const;

  virtual wxPropertyValue *NewCopy(void) const;
  virtual void Copy(wxPropertyValue& copyFrom);

  virtual void WritePropertyClause(wxString &stream);  // Write this expression as a top-level clause
  virtual void WritePropertyType(wxString &stream);    // Write as any other subexpression

  // Append an expression to a list
  virtual void Append(wxPropertyValue *expr);
  // Insert at beginning of list
  virtual void Insert(wxPropertyValue *expr);

  // Get first expr in list
  virtual inline wxPropertyValue *GetFirst(void) const
    { return ((m_type == wxPropertyValueList) ? m_value.first : (wxPropertyValue*)NULL); }

  // Get next expr if this is a node in a list
  virtual inline wxPropertyValue *GetNext(void) const
    { return m_next; }

  // Get last expr in list
  virtual inline wxPropertyValue *GetLast(void) const
    { return ((m_type == wxPropertyValueList) ? m_last : (wxPropertyValue*)NULL); }
  // Delete this node from the list
  virtual void Delete(wxPropertyValue *node);

  // Clear list
  virtual void ClearList(void);

  virtual inline void SetClientData(wxObject *data) { m_clientData = data; }
  virtual inline wxObject *GetClientData(void) { return m_clientData; }

  virtual wxString GetStringRepresentation(void);
  inline void SetModified(bool flag = TRUE) { m_modifiedFlag = flag; }
  inline bool GetModified(void) { return m_modifiedFlag; }

  // Operators
  void operator=(const wxPropertyValue& val);
//  void operator=(const char *val);
  void operator=(const wxString& val);
  void operator=(const long val);
  void operator=(const bool val);
  void operator=(const float val);
  void operator=(const wxChar **val);
  void operator=(const long *val);
  void operator=(const bool *val);
  void operator=(const float *val);

  wxObject*             m_clientData;
  wxPropertyValueType   m_type;
  bool                  m_modifiedFlag;

  union {
    long integer; // Also doubles as bool
    wxChar *string;
    float real;
    long *integerPtr;
    bool *boolPtr;
    wxChar **stringPtr;
    float *realPtr;
    wxPropertyValue *first;  // If is a list expr, points to the first node
    } m_value;

  wxPropertyValue*      m_next;     // If this is a node in a list, points to the next node
  wxPropertyValue*      m_last;     // If is a list expr, points to the last node


 * Property class: contains a name and a value.

class WXDLLEXPORT wxProperty: public wxObject
  bool                  m_enabled;
  wxPropertyValue       m_value;
  wxString              m_name;
  wxString              m_propertyRole;
  wxPropertyValidator*  m_propertyValidator;
  wxWindow*             m_propertyWindow; // Usually a panel item, if anything

  wxProperty(wxProperty& copyFrom);
  wxProperty(wxString name, wxString role, wxPropertyValidator *ed = NULL);
  wxProperty(wxString name, const wxPropertyValue& val, wxString role, wxPropertyValidator *ed = NULL);

  virtual wxPropertyValue& GetValue(void) const;
  virtual wxPropertyValidator *GetValidator(void) const;
  virtual wxString& GetName(void) const;
  virtual wxString& GetRole(void) const;
  virtual void SetValue(const wxPropertyValue& val);
  virtual void SetValidator(wxPropertyValidator *v);
  virtual void SetName(wxString& nm);
  virtual void SetRole(wxString& role);
  void operator=(const wxPropertyValue& val);
  virtual inline void SetWindow(wxWindow *win) { m_propertyWindow = win; }
  virtual inline wxWindow *GetWindow(void) const { return m_propertyWindow; }
  inline void Enable(bool en) { m_enabled = en; }
  inline bool IsEnabled(void) const { return m_enabled; }


  // _WX_PROP_H_

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