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// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Name: sndcpcm.h
// Purpose:
// Date: 08/11/1999
// Author: Guilhem Lavaux <lavaux@easynet.fr> (C) 1999
// CVSID: $Id: sndcpcm.h,v 2005/06/20 17:33:33 MR Exp $
// License:    wxWindows license
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
#ifndef _WX_SNDCPCM_H
#define _WX_SNDCPCM_H

#include "wx/defs.h"
#include "wx/mmedia/sndbase.h"
#include "wx/mmedia/sndcodec.h"

// PCM converter class

class WXDLLEXPORT wxSoundStreamPcm: public wxSoundStreamCodec {
    typedef void (*ConverterType)(const void *buf_in, void *buf_out,
                                  wxUint32 len);
    wxSoundStreamPcm(wxSoundStream& sndio);
    wxSoundStream& Read(void *buffer, wxUint32 len);
    wxSoundStream& Write(const void *buffer, wxUint32 len);
    bool SetSoundFormat(const wxSoundFormatBase& format);
    wxUint32 GetBestSize() const;
    wxUint32 GetReadSize(wxUint32 len) const;
    wxUint32 GetWriteSize(wxUint32 len) const;

    ConverterType m_function_out, m_function_in;

    // Static temporary buffer
    char *m_prebuffer;
    wxUint32 m_prebuffer_size;
    // Estimated best size to fit into the static buffer
    wxUint32 m_best_size;
    // Multiplier for IO buffer size
    float m_multiplier_in, m_multiplier_out;


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