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// Scintilla source code edit control
/** @file RESearch.h
 ** Interface to the regular expression search library.
// Written by Neil Hodgson <neilh@scintilla.org>
// Based on the work of Ozan S. Yigit.
// This file is in the public domain.

#ifndef RESEARCH_H
#define RESEARCH_H

 * The following defines are not meant to be changeable.
 * They are for readability only.
#define MAXCHR    256
#define CHRBIT    8

class CharacterIndexer {
      virtual char CharAt(int index)=0;

class RESearch {

      void Init();
      void Clear();
      bool GrabMatches(CharacterIndexer &ci);
      void ChSet(char c);
      void ChSetWithCase(char c, bool caseSensitive);
      const char *Compile(const char *pat, int length, bool caseSensitive, bool posix);
      int Execute(CharacterIndexer &ci, int lp, int endp);
      void ModifyWord(char *s);
      int Substitute(CharacterIndexer &ci, char *src, char *dst);

      enum {MAXTAG=10};
      enum {MAXNFA=2048};
      enum {NOTFOUND=-1};

      int bopat[MAXTAG];
      int eopat[MAXTAG];
      char *pat[MAXTAG];

      int PMatch(CharacterIndexer &ci, int lp, int endp, char *ap);

      int bol;
      int  tagstk[MAXTAG];             /* subpat tag stack..*/
      char nfa[MAXNFA];       /* automaton..       */
      int sta;
      char bittab[BITBLK];          /* bit table for CCL */
                                    /* pre-set bits...   */
      int failure;


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