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*                       wxWindows HTML Applet Package
*               Copyright (C) 1991-2001 SciTech Software, Inc.
*                            All rights reserved.
*  ========================================================================
*    The contents of this file are subject to the wxWindows License
*    Version 3.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
*    compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
*    http://www.wxwindows.org/licence3.txt
*    Software distributed under the License is distributed on an
*    "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or
*    implied. See the License for the specific language governing
*    rights and limitations under the License.
*  ========================================================================
* Language:     ANSI C++
* Environment:  Any
* Description:  Header file for the wxHtmlAppletWindow class


#include "wx/html/htmlwin.h"
#include "wx/hash.h"
#include "wx/process.h"
#include "wx/toolbar.h"

// Forward declare
class wxApplet;
class wxQlet;
class wxLoadPageEvent;
class wxPageLoadedEvent;
class wxIncludePrep;
class wxToolBarBase;

// Declare a linked list of wxApplet pointers
WX_DECLARE_LIST(wxApplet, wxAppletList);

/*--------------------------- Class Definitions ---------------------------*/
class wxAppletEvent {
    int               m_id;
    wxObject         *m_eventObject;
    wxAppletEvent(int id) { m_eventObject=NULL; m_id = id; }

    int GetId() const { return m_id; }
    void SetId(int Id) { m_id = Id; }

    wxObject *GetEventObject() const { return m_eventObject; }
    void SetEventObject(wxObject *obj) { m_eventObject = obj; }


Defines the class for virtual-link data types
class VirtualData : public wxObject {
    wxString m_name;
    wxString m_group;
    wxString m_href;
    wxString m_plugIn;

            // Ctors
                wxString& name,
                wxString& group,
                wxString& href,
                wxString& plugin );


            // Gets
            wxString GetName(){ return m_name;};
            wxString GetGroup(){ return m_group;};
            wxString GetHref(){ return m_href;};
            wxString GetPlugIn(){ return m_plugIn;};

            // Sets
            void SetName (wxString& s){ m_name = s; };
            void SetGroup(wxString& s){ m_group = s; };
            void SetHref (wxString& s){ m_href = s; };
            void SetPlugIn (wxString& s){ m_plugIn = s;};
            void EmptyPlugIn () { m_plugIn = "";};

Defines the class for wxAppletWindow. This class is derived from the
wxHtmlWindow class and extends it with functionality to handle embedded
wxApplet's on the HTML pages.
class wxHtmlAppletWindow : public wxHtmlWindow {

    bool                m_mutexLock;
    wxIncludePrep       *incPreprocessor;  // deleted by list it is added too in constructor

      wxAppletList            m_AppletList;           
      static wxHashTable      m_Cookies;
    bool                m_NavBarEnabled;
    wxToolBarBase       *m_NavBar;
    int                 m_NavBackId;
    int                 m_NavForwardId;
    wxString            m_openedlast;
            // Override this so we can do proper palette management!!
    virtual void OnDraw(wxDC& dc);

            // Constructor
                wxWindow *parent,
                wxWindowID id = -1,
                wxToolBarBase *navBar = NULL,
                int navBackId = -1,
                int navForwardId = -1,
                const wxPoint& pos = wxDefaultPosition,
                const wxSize& size = wxDefaultSize,
                long style = wxHW_SCROLLBAR_AUTO,
                const wxString& name = "htmlAppletWindow");

            // Destructor

            // Create an instance of an applet based on it's class name
            wxApplet *CreateApplet(
                const wxString& classId,
                const wxString& iName,
                const wxHtmlTag &params,
                const wxSize& size);

            // Create an instance of an Qlet based on it's class name
            bool CreatePlugIn(const wxString& classId,const wxString& cmdLine = "");

            // Find an instance of an applet based on it's class name
            wxApplet *FindApplet(const wxString& className);

            // Remove an applet from the window. Called during applet destruction
            bool RemoveApplet(const wxApplet *applet);

            // Load a new URL page
    virtual bool LoadPage(const wxString& location);

            // Called when users clicked on hypertext link.
    virtual void OnLinkClicked(const wxHtmlLinkInfo& link);

            // Handles forward navigation within the HTML stack
            bool HistoryForward();

            // Handles backwards navigation within the HTML stack
            bool HistoryBack();

            // Disables Nav bars
            void DisableNavBar();

            // Enables Nav bars
            void EnableNavBar();

            void SetNavBar(wxToolBarBase *navBar);

            // Broadcast a message to all applets on the page
            void SendAppletMessage(wxAppletEvent& msg);

            // Register a cookie of data in the applet manager
            static bool RegisterCookie(const wxString& name,wxObject *cookie);

            // UnRegister a cookie of data in the applet manager
            static bool UnRegisterCookie(const wxString& name);

            // Find a cookie of data given it's public name
            static wxObject *FindCookie(const wxString& name);
            // Event handlers to load a new page      
                  void OnLoadPage(wxLoadPageEvent &event);

            // Event handlers to load a new page      
            void OnPageLoaded(wxPageLoadedEvent &event);

            // LoadPage mutex locks
            void Lock(){ m_mutexLock = true;};
            void UnLock(){ m_mutexLock = false;};

            // Returns TRUE if the mutex is locked, FALSE otherwise.
            bool IsLocked(){ return m_mutexLock;};

            // Tries to lock the mutex. If it can't, returns immediately with false.
            bool TryLock();

            wxString GetLastOpened() { return m_openedlast; }

Defines the class for wxHtmlAppletCell
class wxHtmlAppletCell : public wxHtmlCell
    wxHtmlAppletCell(wxWindow *wnd, int w = 0);
    virtual ~wxHtmlAppletCell();
    virtual void Draw(wxDC& dc, int x, int y, int view_y1, int view_y2);
    virtual void DrawInvisible(wxDC& dc, int x, int y);
    virtual void Layout(int w);

    wxWindow* m_Wnd;
            // width float is used in adjustWidth (it is in percents)

#endif // __WX_APPLET_WINDOW_H

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