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// wxHandleWXR.h: interface for the wxHandleWXR class.

#if !defined(RC2WXR_H)
#define RC2WXR_H

#include "wx/file.h"
#include "stdio.h"

class rc2wxr : public wxObject  
void Convert(wxString wxrfile, wxString rcfile);

wxFile m_rc;
FILE *m_wxr;
int m_filesize;
bool m_done;
int m_controlid;
void ParseDialog(wxString dlgname);
void ParseControls();
void ParseStaticText();
void ParseTextCtrl();
void ParsePushButton();
bool Seperator(int ch);
void ParseGroupBox();
void ReadRect(int & x, int & y, int & width, int & height);
wxString GetToken();
wxString GetQuoteField();
void ReadChar(int &ch);
void ParseComboBox();
void ParseMenu(wxString name);
void ParsePopupMenu();
wxString PeekToken();
void ParseControlMS();
void ParseSlider(wxString label, wxString varname);
void ParseProgressBar(wxString label, wxString varname);
bool ReadOrs(wxString & w);
void ParseCtrlButton(wxString label, wxString varname);



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